Keyword Performance Plans

All plans allow tracking on unlimited sites.

Track 10 Keywords
Daily Rankings
Ideal for Small Blogs
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Track 250 Keywords
$25 / month
Daily Rankings
Micro Agency
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Need To Track More Keywords?
Track 500 Keywords
$50 / month
Daily Rankings
Small Agency
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Track 1,000 Keywords
$100 / month
Daily Rankings
Medium Agency
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Track 2,000 Keywords
$200 / month
Daily Rankings
Large Agency
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Track 5,000 Keywords
$500 / month
Daily Rankings
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Lightweight & API-Driven

All of your keyword data is stored in the cloud and fetched via the WetPaint API - which means no extra load on your site.

Built To Scale

We built the platform with agencies & enterprise applications in mind. Track as many sites as you want on any plan - we only pay attention to keyword requests.

As your company grows, you can always switch plans without any data loss.

Made For WordPress

We wanted a tool that worked natively in WordPress, followed Core standards, and a clean UI.

We built the Control Center for WordPress and WordPress only - from the first line of code.

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About Us

We build productivity tools and integrated data solutions for marketers using WordPress.

Born out of agency work, we saw an opportunity to build better tools for marketers and developers.

Who We Are

Tom Hall
Tim Howe
Front-End Development
Matt Harrison
Back-End Development