Why You Should Be Excited About Yoast SEO 3.0

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 2.33.49 PMReal-time Content Analysis

If you’re using the built-in content analysis tools in Yoast SEO, this feature is a big step forward for the plugin’s user experience. Real-time content analysis and suggestions make it easier to get feedback and make it more likely you’ll use the tool as you’re writing.

This obviously took a big effort on the Yoast team’s part to switch all of their analysis to JavaScript, so the feature is naturally taking a lot of the spotlight.


Online Content Analysis

Now that the Yoast analysis is all based in Javascript (and not WP-specific), they can reuse it on any platform (like their Drupal module). To demonstrate this, they’ve built an online content analysis tool. If you’ve got a client who’s not using WordPress and you want to run the same content analysis tools from the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin – you’re in luck.


Inline Snippet Editor

This is a nice polish to their existing interface to allow users to edit their SEO data inline. It’s the same technique we used for the seo bulk editor we built, and we’re a big fan of the way it looks.


Multiple Focus Keywords

Optimizing pages for multiple keywords has been a big feature request for a long time, and it’s good to see the Yoast team add it here.

Now, if you purchase the premium version of the plugin, you’ll be able to add multiple keywords to any page – and analyze how that page is optimized for each keyword. This is a great addition – both for users looking for the feature and for the Yoast team, who should see some growth in their premium plugin as a result.

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