Using Calculated Metrics in Google Analytics

Last month, Google introduced a new feature in Google Analytics called “calculated metrics,” allowing anyone to create a custom metric in Analytics calculated from existing values.

Custom Metrics

Once created, calculated metrics can be viewed in custom reports, custom dashboards, and unsampled reports – making the data available as if it’s a default metric in Universal Analytics.

This feature is still in beta and has been available for only about a month – so there aren’t any real world examples of use cases yet. Google however, does provide some examples of how this might be useful in the documentation:

  1. Revenue Per User
    If you’re running an e-commerce store, you could calculate Revenue / Users to get an average of the revenue for each user on the site.

    Bonus tip: This idea could be extended for non-e-commerce sites to be “Goal Completions per User” or “Events per User”.

  2. Currency Conversion
    If you’re operating a business across international lines or have a need to calculate your sales data in a foreign currency, you can multiply the exchange rate on your revenue data to convert the currency.

You can learn more about using Calculated Metrics, as well as how to set one up for yourself on the official Google documentation page at

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