Introducing the SEO Editor

Wait a second; you’re really going through every single page, one by one, to edit the SEO data in bulk across the site? And that’s how you do your job, every single day?

That was the spark that got us started. A developer working with an SEO team happened to say “so how do you do your work on the site?” Turns out, that work was pretty tedious and involved a lot of time loading and saving each page’s data as it was being edited. Sure, you may need to review each page to work on the SEO, but all that time spent opening and saving pages adds up over time, and that time could easily be spent doing more interesting work.

The more we looked into the way marketers work with WordPress, we found a huge gap in productivity tools. Most marketers have a half-dozen places they hunt down information, combine reports from separate sources, and use all of that information to make informed observations about what’s happening on the website and what improvements to make. If that sounds like a lot of work, it’s because it is – and the better job you do, the more work it takes to get there.

So we set out to build an SEO bulk editor that solved the needs of search marketers. We found some examples of tools that existed already, but nothing that fit the bill and really saved time for the people doing that work. We needed to be able to edit keywords and metadata, as well as leave notes and view pages in a bulk-editing format that was simple and easy to use.

At this point, what we’re really looking for is feedback. What do you like about the tool? What do you hate about it? We have a few new tools in development, but the best thing we can do is get feedback from the community on how this plugin works for them and use that to make improvements.

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We build productivity tools and integrated data solutions for marketers using WordPress.

Born out of agency work, we saw an opportunity to build better tools for marketers and developers.

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