Keyword Rank Tracking Plugin

For WordPress

Track your site’s rankings in Google, Bing, and Yahoo

Keywords Stored in the Cloud

All of your keyword data is stored in the cloud and fetched via the WetPaint API - which means no extra load on your site.

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Track Keywords On Unlimited Sites

Track as Many Sites As You Need

We built the platform with agencies & enterprise applications in mind. Track as many sites as you want on any plan - we only pay attention to keyword requests.

As your company grows, you can always switch plans without any data loss.

Bulk Add Keywords

Need to add a bunch of keywords at once?
No problem - we built a tool for that.

Bulk Add Keywords

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WetPaint SEO Editor

Save time editing SEO data on multiple pages by using a single editor that pulls in meta title, description, and keyword into a single view. The WordPress SEO plugin fully integrates with WordPress SEO and All In One SEO Pack plugins by auto-detecting what plugin you're using.

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